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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Transforming Education Eco-system !

It’s all about PROACTIVELY helping others.

Pessimistic would say that today people don’t have time for others or how can you trust others to return the favor.

Optimistic would say that everyone in the world expects some favor from others.

· Industrialists expect help from PE Giants or common people thru their IPOs!

· Politicians expect favor from voters!

· Vice Chancellors expect a favor from students to get into their Universities!

· Professors expect a favor from their seniors, juniors to get the work done!

· Young professionals expect a favor from their Boss to get recognized for the increment!

· People expect a favor from their rich relatives to get them out of the financial trouble!

No person in the world would say that he/she never expected a favor from anyone in his/her life!

That’s what we are trying to emphasize here, we all expect some help from someone, but unless we proactively help someone, how can we expect someone to come to us and ask how may I help you ??

Following is the fictional story showing how we can transform our Education Eco-system from the collaborative efforts from all of us.

James Smith – Comes from a low-middle-class family, very smart and intelligent, excellent in sports and studies

Paul Martin – Comes from a high middle class family, Intelligent enough to get the work done, good in sports and studies

Steve Jackson – Comes from a rich family, good in sports and studies

James, Paul, and Smith get admission into the AMR University for their B.Tech (Computer Science).

They need Guidance on how to go about their studies and Syllabus Books (Including reference Books).

They log into the to find out if someone is donating the books or not of which of their seniors the books that they need.

James gets to know that there are some people would like to Fund Books for 1 Student for 1 Year, so he contacts them to check whether he can get the Free Books or now, which will really lessen his burden. James informs Paul about the to find out whether he would like to get a Free Books or not. Also informs him about the intention behind the “Fund Books for 1 Student for 1 Year”.

Paul gets to know that there are some people who would like to fund books for students and also there are some seniors how have the books that he needs. Instead of getting free books (Paul thinks that he can afford the Books so don’t want to get the Free Books), he chooses to get the old books @ cheaper prices from Seniors Mark and Kevin. He contacts them and finds our that they are already the members of Point10 Student Chapter in AMR University. Mark and Kevin give him the BOOKS as per the convenient price for both the parties and at the same time gives invaluable suggestions to both Paul and James on how to go about his studies.

Steve comes to know about the from James and Paul. He likes the concept and tells his parents about the same. His father Mr. Jackson impressed by the enthusiasm from Steve and the concept tells Steve that he would like to fund the books for two of his friends who can not affords the costly higher education.

Also on, they find out that there are some Mentors working in MNCs who are willing to help students as and when required. Now they feel much more comfortable now to know that there so many people around him who would help/support/guide them as and when required.

Now they settle down with their studies. But now they have a problem on selecting the right Semester project which is there in the curriculum. Ideally they want to do the project which can benefit them in future, more of industry specific projects which have the potential to become a PRODUCT.

They log into to explore what kind of projects their seniors have done and the resources from where they can get the help for their future projects.

James and Paul come across a project “School Management System” which was developed by Anthony who’s now working for Microsoft. They like the project and want to do something related to “School Management system”. They can see Anthony’s contact information in the portal. They contact Anthony to find out what sort of ground work he did for the project, which are the places he visited, what tools he used etc. Anthony guides them about the project and suggests them to take the project of Anthony and improve project to take it to the next level. They work very hard for the project with guidance from Anthony and other Mentors. Finally they develop a small prototype which can actually be used in School. They successfully implement the “School Management System” in “St. Johns School”, which wouldn’t have the funds to buy expensive software from the professional companies. By this way they get some amazing Industry Experience and at the same time give something back to the society.

Steve and his classmates Mark and Mike want to develop something in Web 2.0 space. He can see lots of projects related Web 2.0 from his seniors from AMR University and other Universities from the state. They contact some of them to get their guidance. And they proactively suggest him on what kind of tools to be used, analysis to be done to make the scalable project. This helps them to better understand the concepts and make friends with Industry professionals. Finally they develop a web portal where they would profile all the SMEs in the state, which can be used by these SMEs as their E-Commerce Platform.

They read newspapers quite regularly. They get to know about the project done by Michael (RICK University Student, RICK University is the most famous University in the town known for hefty placements for students) which sounds very cool but doesn’t have any real-life implication. They feel disheartened that not many people are recognizing their good work.

They log into to inform them the good work done by them.

They get interviewed by Sam (another student from AMR University, member of Point10 Student Chapter). Next day they all get profiled in for doing an amazing work for their projects 1. “School Management System” and also the comments from the Principal of “St. John’s School” were mentioned. and 2. An E-commerce portal for SMEs and the comments from the owner of one of the SMEs visited by Steve and his team.

Having seen some interesting work done by the students of AMR University, John (Sr. Journalist from EduTimes Newspaper, prominent Newspaper in the state) writes a story on his column about these students.

James and Paul are trying to find out the ways from where they can earn something to cope with their expenses. Also Steve and his friends want to get bit of experience on Market Research projects.

They log into to find our which are the companies giving projects/internships/jobs to the students who want to work 4-5 hours daily to meet their educational expenses and get industry experience during their studies.

James and Paul find out that “MIT Solutions”, leading IT solutions provider, want to expand their business into Education vertical, looking for the bright students who can work for 3-4 hours daily. They have already learned a bit about the tricks of this trade during their “School Management System” , it becomes very easy for them to impress the Interviewer and get selected. Now they’ll be able to earn something to reduce the burden for their parents. At the same time they will get an amazing work experience which will help them in future.

Steve and his friends, gets selected by a “MML Industries” who want to hire some intelligent students for part-time for the Market Research and Awareness campaign before their New Product Launch. Steve and his friends gets selected in the company, they get to learn lot of things and also get good marks for their semester project.


· They don’t have to dependent on Campus interviews!!

· They are competent enough to take on sharks of the industry!!

· They can choose the kind of profile/company they want to work with!!

· Having gone thru the Point10 ideology, James, Paul and Steve decide to go to near by slums, rural

areas to teach (Impart basic skills) the under privileged students.

· They also PROACTIVELY take part in the various activities being carried out by Government

Organization and NGOs for the betterment of the Society.

· They also proactively share their experience/skills with the Youth over there on how they can get the

jobs in BPOs, ITES, and Sales Organization, which really can help them in future.

We might not get successful in our Endeavors if we don’t have

· Young Professionals funding the books for at least 1 student for 1 year!

· Mr. Jackson showing the willingness to fund books for couple of students!

· Mark and Kevin (seniors) giving valuable guidance to Paul for his further studies!

· Anthony working in Microsoft (Alumni – AMR University) doesn’t show the proactiveness to guide

James and Paul!!

· Principal (St. John’s School) allow James and Paul to understand about their day-to-day operations!

· Sam become the active member of Point10 Student Chapter to take interviews of fellow students doing

good work!

· John (Sr. Journalist –EduTimes) profile the good work done by the students of AMR University in his


· MIT Solutions and MML Industries showing the willingness to give students to give the opportunity to

exercise their potential!

· James, Paul and Steve proactively help the under privileged students living around them!

· James, Paul and Steve proactively help the under privileged students living around them !

But we will be highly successful if we have

· Young Professionals funding the books for at least 1 student for 1 year!

· Mr. Patel showing the willingness to fund books for couple of students!

· Amit and Kapil (seniors) giving valuable guidance to Rohit (Junior) for his further studies!

· Ramesh Chauhan working in L &T InfoTech (Alumni – Nirma University) shows the proactiveness to

guide Rahul and Rohit (Students of Nirma University)!!

· Principal (Anand Niketan School) allow Rahul and Rohit to understand about their day-to-day


· Mayank, Shalin and Utsav become the active member of Point10 Student Chapter to take interviews of

fellow students doing good work!

· Journalists from AM,TOI and DNA profile the good work done by the students of lesser known colleges.

· EInfochips and Gateway Technolabs show the willingness to give students to give the opportunity to

exercise their potential!

· Mayank , Shalin and Utsav proactively help the under privileged students living around them !

We are pretty much sure that one day we will replace the Fictional Characters mentioned above with the rea-life characters with real-life stories.

At Point10, we are putting in everything that we have to make this belief happen!!

You can check our project progress @

Point10 Solutions Projects brief : Official Blog and progress : Official Blog and progress :

We would need your invaluable critical feedback and guidance to get better!!

Thanks and best regards,

Team Point10,