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Friday, July 10, 2009

Words Shaped to Action, Students Efforts and a Brand New Office

The time has arrived, where months of planning and patience, would finally pay off. A day, when we would be able to capitalize on all the words and convert them into actions. With this small step comes a big responsibility, and with that comes more inspiration and the urge to move forward.

Point10 Team has planned the first major event “A Step Towards Revitalizing The Education Eco-system!” on 8th Aug 2009 at in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The team looks forward to meeting all the interested citizens who are willing to come forward and make us realize this dream of ours and help us shape the future of Education in India. It took nights of planning and phone calls and a tremendous effort from all the members of the Point10 team in organizing and putting forward this event. Members ranging from Students and Volunteers to Industry Professionals and Mentors has played, are playing and will play a significant role in making this event a success, and more importantly carrying the Point10Solutions message across which states: "Revitalizing the Education Ecosystem"

Agenda for the event is quite simple as follows:

1. Distribution of Syllabus Books to 100 Talented/Needy Students (From 3rd Sem) studinyg at various Engineering Colleges across Gujarat.

Kindly visit: for more details.

2. Introduction to 25+ Mentors from various domains of the industry. (Industry Professionals with 4+ work experience in sectors like Engineering, Sales, Marketing etc.)

3. A brief overview on Point10Solutions dream of Revitalizing the Education Eco-system!

4. Introduction to various Mini-Enterprise concept of Point10Solutions like Business Consulting Group, Event Management Group, Software Development Group etc.

The aim behing these small business groups is to bring on board some professional experience for the students to work with. These portals would aim in recruting Students who are interested in gaining exposure to the real-world like situations on real-time projects all along with their routine course of studies. In addition to that, it would also help these students gain some financial support to meet their personal expenses and give them a sense of responsbility. Flexibililty would be the key here to accomodate student's study and work hours.

As rightly said, "We might not do Good Business, but We will do Business for Good”

You can register yourself for the event on the web @


Facebook Event:

We extend our gratitude to the following people who have put lot of efforts and spent their valuable time and energy in order to help the students. These people have defined our message of pro-actively helping and taking the initiatve to drive forward.

Dipak Panchasara (CITC), Utsav Talati (AIT), Mayank Kothiya (NIT), Shalin Rabadia (NIT), Ujjwal Talati (IITE), Tirth Patel (CEC), Jignesh Rawal (IITE), Aesha Shah (LDCE), Akash Domadiya (NIT), Pradip (DDIT)

For more on the people behind the screen who are working hard to shortlist talented/needy students from various engineering colleges check out this link: Student Co-ordinators list.

With one step at a time, our next aim is to organize a similar event across different cities with Rajkot next on the list. The expected dates would fall somewhere between 20th to 25th August of this year.

Hard-work, perseverance and dedication does pay off in installations. And one such moment of success came with a major development for Point10Solutions, as we can now move into our new office location on C G Road, after operating from a Cyber Café for 3 months. This would give us a great boost and inspire us even more as it lets us display our efforts and more importantly spread our motto across the community. This would also enable us to be more organized, disciplined in our endeavor and would bring more focus and planning on board.

With this, Point10Solutions, would like to formally invite you all to this event and be a part of our family, our team, our event, our venture but most importantly your dream.

Details of the event:
Date: Saturday, August 8, 2009
Time: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Location: Ahmedabad Medical Association
Street: Near Natraj Cinema, Ashram Road
City: Ahmedabad, India.

Best Regards

Point10Solutions Team